Patrick McCaw plans to sign the Toronto Raptors after the release of Cleveland Cavaliers


The Toronto Raptors have hired free agent guard Patrick McCaw for the remainder of the season, ESPN sources told the league.

McCaw authorized the waivers on Wednesday afternoon, sources said. McCaw, 23, has been the subject of some intrigue in recent weeks. He was a free agent under contract from Golden State who signed an unsecured offer sheet with Cleveland – which was to be lifted after three games with the Cavaliers. Golden State refused to match the sheet.

The New York Times reported that the NBA was investigating the Cavaliers for a possible bypass of the salary cap, an investigation that Golden State encouraged the league to undertake on behalf of the Warriors. The NBA had closely scrutinized the six million dollar bid sheet over two years before approving it, sources told the League, but found no reason to reject it. Most league leaders are skeptical of the possibility of a punishment for the Cavaliers, who had a three-part window to evaluate McCaw and reduce it before the league's contracts do not become guaranteed for the season.

There may have been a league problem if the Cavaliers had tried to re-sign McCaw to a number lower than the $ 3 million that it should have been this season, but the Cavaliers have quits.

McCaw held away from the Warriors' training camp and at the opening of half of the season looking for an offer sheet. He played three games without the Cavaliers' training.

McCaw now joins the Toronto bench as he pursues an Eastern Conference championship. Matching the McCaw Offer Sheet would have raised the luxury Warriors tax bill from $ 11.3 million to $ 61.6 million.

McCaw averaged four points, 1.4 rebounds and 1.4 assists in 57 games last season, his second in the NBA.

McCaw was absent for nearly two months with a bruise on the back, late last season, at the end of last season, after a terrible fall during a game in Sacramento.

McCaw was the 38th overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft on UNLV.

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