Paul Flart loses his job because of his viral fame.

Before I complained about the vertical video, I was live on Instagram when that happened and they only support the vertical to the best of my knowledge.

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  1. I'm surprised that you hadn't been fired for urinating while on the clock before this.

  2. If you need a job, my place of employment is fart friendly and you sir will be Management in no time.

  3. You should have turned the camera around so we could the douchebag's face

  4. Uptight corporations suck! You're awesome! Let the wind fly brother!

  5. Dude is winded from getting out of his car…

  6. sorry to hear man, keep up the good work!

  7. So, Kevin James made a movie, where his name was Paul Blart and he was a security guard. Then there is Paul Flart, (former) security guard. Blart, Flart, fart. My life is now complete.

  8. Sorry…..Call me old fashioned, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why this guy was fired. Sure he's funny, but there is a time and a place for this type of humor. Most professional companies frown upon antics like this at work. Plus, he filmed himself farting while wearing his employers uniform, which reflects poorly on the companies image. Besides, a hospital is a place where sick people go to get treated. It's not fair to the patients, families, and hard working professional medical staff, to purposely be subjected to, an immature man baby's, ass gas! Had he had filmed this during is own his own time, while wearing his own clothes, he would probably still have a job. He may be an Instagram star now, but people will soon forget about him and he will have no choice but to go back to work in the real world. Now this fool's firing is all over the internet and he will probably have difficulty of ever finding a real job.

  9. Instead of “I got a bunch of people angry at me for what you did, just cut the shit out” it’s “ARRARARAR YOUR FIRED STOP RECORDING NOW!!”

  10. stop making stupid people famous

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  12. Better man than I am. No longer employed, xboss gets loud, advise em his attitude is being deemed as a threat and should calm his tone, xboss keeps getting loud, xboss gets knocked out, I go to jail, get out and fined, I send xboss a get well soon basket and anniversary letters each year. "Never forget the time ya got knocked out." ?

  13. "You're recording on private property…"

    But he's recording his face and the fucking SKY!

  14. Bientôt dans South Park, c'est cool.

  15. $5 donated, my friend. Keep on making your beautiful music.

  16. What a dumbass that fired you. Stop recording on their property that I have no authority on… What a fucking idiot.

  17. If I was the boss firing this young man, I think I may of shed a tear and shook his hand and said getting fired stinks…..and let out a quiet fart for sympathy

  18. Anyone know what company he worked for? Just so I know to never ever have anything to do with them.

  19. Keep up the good work Big Fella!

  20. Manager is a dick head. Get off this is private property. Meh this company sounds like shit to work for and sounds like a shit job and the people there sound like shit.

  21. Your ex boss sounds like a huge wuss trying to sound tough.

  22. Subbing before rich & flartmous.

  23. THANK YOU for not turning off the video. What a jackwagon that guy was! First, what a lame reason to fire someone. Like their job was so great that they had some power over you. Second, what power trip was he on thinking he could still control you after you were fired. Thank you for not giving in… you should set up a go-fund-me page for help while you find your next gig. I'd try to get you a job here, but we already have too many farters in our office already. God bless you and I hope you end up in a huge hollywood movie that your old boss has to pay $15 to go see.

  24. And why did you do this !?. Was the purpose to get fired or is this how you usually behave. Strange way to live for sure. But i hope you get pass this and have a nice life Paul.

  25. You're an icon now dude, these morons firing you did you the best favor ever. There are countless companies that are promoting the 'no bullshit politics' image. I would say prepare for a flood of better compensated job offers with so much smarter, kinder, funnier and wiser bosses. Good luck and keep us updated!

  26. Sue these guys bro.. sue them hard

  27. I think you can fight this as no logos are shown or where the property is. And it’s not against the law to fart!

  28. That could have been epic. If u just could have farted in the middle of his rant.
    Sorry u lost ur job allthough that job prob was shit anyways. Now onto bigger and better things.

  29. What company did you work for so we can put them on blast

  30. Bullshit! What if he had recorded his sneezes? This is ass discrimination!

  31. Keep posting fart videos here on youtube and monetize your account!

  32. The guy doing the firing could not have been any less of a human being; more concerned about keeping control over someone who is no longer his subordinate with a pathetic attempt at giving orders to stop recording. What a d-bag.

    "Yeah man, you know, thanks for being a good boss and standing up for me the way you did by highlighting all of the positive remarks on my performance reviews and the lack of any disciplinary issues since the day I started. Thanks for doing what bosses are supposed to do by running good defense for your employees who are loyal to you, do as you ask, go above and beyond making you look good to your superiors. Thank you for teaching me that shared moments of joy are returned with anger and hostility, that finding a way to smile during the workday is the quickest path to unemployment.
    You piece of shit. Thanks for treating me like a human being."

    Seriously , fuck that guy. I lost a past job that was my career job. The job I tried to get for years. I was there for years. One little moment of bullshit and everything I had done prior meant dick. That was 2015. I never bounced back. I'm sure you will though.

  33. 700,000 views for farting, now that's a life goal my dude