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Pels' Davis will play a few minutes against The Lakers

LOS ANGELES – Anthony Davis will play a limited number of minutes and will likely play in the fourth quarter for Wednesday night's game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

The coach of the New Orleans Pelicans, Alvin Gentry, said the plan remained to use Davis between "20 and 23" and that he would probably not be involved in the fourth quarter, because Pelicans would continue to protect themselves and limit the risk of potential injury to Davis. for the rest of the season.

While Davis stated that he knew the pelicans' plan to have advanced after requesting an exchange in late January through the intermediary of his agent Rich Paul, the center of the stars said that he had not been able to do anything. he would always be happy to play on the field as often as possible. his teammates.

"I mean, I think everyone wants to play the fourth quarter," said Davis in the morning shootout of the Pelicans. "Obviously, it's frustrating, I've never, as I said before, been a guy able to stay out of the fourth quarter, but I play and do it all I can play as hard as I can during the minutes I am on the floor. "

This will be Davis' first game at Staples Center in front of Lakers fans since Paul told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski that Davis wanted to be traded. The Lakers being a favorite destination for Davis, the Lakers fans will likely applaud Davis in his last regular season appearance against the Lakers at Staples Center this season.

"It's all the same," said Davis about the potential reaction of fans in his first game against the Lakers since December 21st.

Gentry said the pelicans had been as transparent as possible with Davis to do what the organization thought they had to do to move forward.

"He's fine," says Gentry. "He's not at all frustrated, everything we've done is totally transparent, we sit down and talk about it and we talk to him and we try to do what we think is best for the franchise and he understand him, then no animosity towards him. "

Davis missed the 128-115 Pelican win over the Lakers in New Orleans on Saturday in the second straight game. Gentry said Davis would not be participating in any of the next games in a return match this weekend against the Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets.

"Obviously he would like to play," said Gentry, who played a total of 21 minutes against Davis at Davis on Monday, but did not use the all-star game in the final 17 minutes of the game. "But I think we have to look and see what we think is best for us at this particular time and go forward."

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