Penn State wrestling: Nittany Lions lead Big Ten team race with six finalists as nine wrestlers win NCAA Championship tickets | March 9 | Big Ten Championships


The post-season is finally here for the Penn State wrestlers while the Big Ten championships began Saturday in the Williams Arena.

After the first day, the Nittany Lions still have nine wrestlers out of 10 still alive. The nine wrestlers also earned their place in the NCAA championships in two weeks in Pittsburgh.

Penn State was 15-6 the day and sent six wrestlers to the finals. The Nittany Lions lead the team race with 131 points. They have 18.5 points better than the Ohio State.

"I think overall, the team fought well," said Penn State coach Cael Sanderson. "(We) have lost some tough matches, won some tough games, but the conference is busy. Some of the games you see in the semi-finals could be matches that you see in the semi-finals or a final at the national championship. I think we fought well, of course; we have to finish strong tomorrow.

The fight resumes at 13h Sunday. In the meantime, here's how each Penn State wrestler has succeeded:

125 books: Devin Schnupp

Record after the first day: 0-3

Current Tour: eliminated

To summarize: Schnupp came out in his preliminary match against Travis Piotrowski of Illinois shooting and seeking the first withdrawal. However, Schnupp was on the edge of the mat during this first shot. It was the last good action of the mat for wrestler Nittany Lions.

Piotrowski made several stops on the ground and collected points in the approach of the fall before a technical fall of 17-0 in 4:39.

The day was not better for Schnupp.

He could do nothing against Shane Metzler of Rutgers in a 6-1 loss, which put Schnupp in ninth place.

Unfortunately for Schnupp, he again faced Metzler in the first round of ninth place. Metzler defeated Schnupp for the second time; However, it was only 6-4 this time.

133 books: Roman Bravo-Young

Record after the first day: 3-1

Current Tour: Semi-final consolation

To summarize: Bravo-Young looked like the wrestler who started the season for Penn State and not an injury.

He was fast and light on his feet, winning three attempts in the first period. The real freshman continued to take the lead and got a major decision from 18 to 5 in his Big Ten debut.

Bravo-Young played in the second leg against Ohio State's Luke Pletcher in the quarter-finals. Pletcher dropped out of the duo 's first duel game in early February, 2-1, breaking the tie.

This time, they have not been this far and the result is different for Bravo-Young. Buckeye recorded the first takedown of the match while Bravo-Young led 6-3 at the end of the match after two periods. The Penn State wrestler then managed to escape in the third period, but a shot at goal against Pletcher turned out to be the winner of an 8-5 OSU win.

The real freshman responded well to his loss to Pletcher. Jens Lantz of Wisconsin have decided to score 14 goals and a half to take his place in Pittsburgh.

Bravo-Young made things consolation, but it was not easy. Dylan Duncan of Illinois snuck 3-2 to reach the semi-finals, where he will face Austin Desanto of Iowa.

141 books: Nick Lee

Record after the first day: 1-1

Current Tour: Semi-final consolation

To summarize: Lee was one of only six wrestlers to have only one game during the first session for the Nittany Lions.

Lee quickly took a 4-2 lead over Max Murin of Iowa. Murin added a breakaway in the second period to give Lee a point in advance to start the third.

Lee scored four points in the third period but got some help. Murin yielded an interlock point. Lee collected an escape and a run to win 8-3.

Lee was in a rematch with Joey McKenna of the Ohio State Semifinal. McKenna was able to avenge his loss to Lee in the February duet with a 5-4 victory.

149 books: Brady Berge

Record after the first day: 2-1

Current Tour: Semi-final consolation

To summarize: Berge had one of the first most exciting sessions for the Nittany Lions in his Big Ten debut.

He did not seem to have a problem with his preliminary opponent in Parker Filius of Purdue. Berge won a major decision 12-3.

In the quarter-finals, he won his second win of the season on a top-10 man from Pat Lugo, Iowa.

The pair went on to win after escaping trading in the second and third periods. They went through a pair of ultimate tiebreakers 2-2 after each loss.

In the second period of victory, Berge managed to get a 4-2 win over Lugo in under 31 seconds. Berge crossed the face of Ohio State Micah Jordan in the semifinals. Jordan overtook Berge with a 13-4 win.

157 books: Jason Nolf

Record after the first day: 2-0

Current Tour: finals

To summarize: It was not a surprise to see Nolf in this position.

He proved why he was seed No. 1 and No. 1 in the country. Nolf also started a series of five consecutive bouts in which Penn State wrestlers earned bonus points.

The senior took a 6-2 lead before cackling Eric Barone in Illinois in the quarter-finals. Nolf finished his work with a pin in 2:13.

Nolf controlled the game from start to finish against Michigan's Alec Pantaleo in the semi-final. He gained one stall and one point of driving time with a solid run. Nolf added two floorings and an escape for a 7-1 win. He will face Tyler Berger of Nebraska Sunday in the final.

165 books: Vincenzo Joseph

Record after the first day: 2-0

Current Tour: finals

To summarize: Joseph was released in the first period against Joseph Gunther, an Illinois, as a possessed in the quarterfinals.

The red shirt junior shot five starts in the first period to take a 10-4 lead. In the second half, he added five more points with two more losses on the ground.

In the third period, Joseph collected four points in the approach of the fall and a withdrawal at the end of the meeting for a technical fall 21-6 in 5:59. He finished with eight takedowns.

Joseph was in a tight fight against Logan Massa of Michigan in the semifinal. He was 3-2 Joseph with about a minute in the game. The pair gets confused and Joseph is left with a deep half-nelson. He made it stick for a fall in 6:41 on Massa.

"It's a great match. Massa is really good, he's really good, "said Sanderson." They have often struggled, and Joseph continues to understand and remains strong. "

Joseph gets Alex Marinelli from Iowa in the final.

174 books: Mark Hall

Record after the first day: 2-0

Current Tour: finals

To summarize: Hall maintained the bonus points parade for Penn State in his home state.

He led 6-3 over Drew Hughes of Michigan State when he wrapped Hughes' arms, threw him to the mat and stopped him in 2:38.

In the semifinal, after a scoreless first period, Hall scored the first points of the match against Minnesota's Devin Skatzka in the second period. He started with an escape and added a withdrawal before the end of the period.

Skatzka recovered a turnaround, but Hall was able to win 4-2. Hall will face Myles Amine of Michigan on Sunday.

"I feel good, this is the best fight I've had so far this year, so keep going, have fun and relax," said Hall.

184 books: Shakur Rasheed

Record after the first day: 2-0

Current Tour: finals

To summarize: Rasheed followed Hall with his own fall.

The senior was still wearing the bulky knee on his right leg, but that did not seem to upset him against Michigan State's Cameron Caffey.

Rasheed got a 9-0 lead in the first period and Caffey chose netural to start the second. Rasheed charged him with a takedown in a cradle and fell in 5:17.

In the semifinal, Rasheed controlled the game from start to finish, but abandoned the final draw. He held out for a 6 to 5 win over Tyler Venz of Nebraska. He will face Myles Martin of the Ohio State in the final.

197 books: Bo Nickal

Record after the first day: 2-0

Current Tour: finals

To summarize: Nickal was the only semi-finalist to do not secure a place for the NCAA championships when the second session began Saturday night. He needed to win the semifinals to secure his place.

He managed a technical fall of 19-4 in 5:34 against Brad Wilton of Michigan State to start the day. Nickal made six outs and two sets of points near the fall.

He then locked his spot for the NCAA championships with a 10-2 major decision over Eric Schultz of Nebraska to reach the final. Nickal will face Kollin Moore of the Ohio State.

285 books: Anthony Cassar

Record after the first day: 3-0

Current Tour: finals

To summarize: Cassar scored a total of 20 points in the first session.

He did not seem caught off guard by the big stage of his first Big Ten championships. He dominated in a major 12-4 decision over Jacob Aven of Purdue.

In the quarter-finals, Cassar took on David Jensen of Nebraska, whom he dueled in mid-January, 10-4. Well, Jensen still scored four points, but Cassar was a little less than the 10 in an 8-4 win.

Cassar continued to score points in the semifinals. He used three starts and a turnaround to beat Connan Jennings of the Northwest, 10-2. Cassar will receive Gable Steveson, a freshman, in the 285-pound semifinal.

Big Ten Championships

Friday in Minneapolis

Key of the team: Illinois (Illinois), Indiana (Ind.), Iowa (I), Maryland (MD), Michigan (M), State of Michigan (MSU), Minnesota (Minnesota), Nebraska (Neb.), Northwest (N) , State of Ohio (OSU), Penn State (PSU), Purdue (P), Wisconsin (W)

Team Scores: 1. Penn State 131, 2. Ohio State 112.5, 3. Nebraska 85, 4. Iowa 83.5, 5. Minnesota 76.5, 6. Wisconsin 65.5, Michigan 7. 62.5, 8. Rutgers 50.5, 9. Northwestern 43.5, 10. Purdue 38

Half finals

141: Joey McKenna, OSU, Dec. Nick Lee, PSU, 5-4; 149: Micah Jordan, OSU, Dec major Brady Berge, PSU, 13-4; 157: Jason Nolf, PSU, Dec. Alec Pantaleo, M, 7-1; 165: Vincenzo Joseph, PSU, pinned Logan Massa, M, 6:41; 174: Mark Hall, Dec. Devin Skatzka, Minnesota, 4-2; 184: Shakur Rasheed, PSU, Dec. Tyler Venz, Neb., 6-5; 197: Bo Nickal, PSU, Dec. Major Eric Schultz, Neb., 10-2; 285: Anthony Cassar, PSU, Dec major Connan Jennings, N, 10-2

Consolation, quarterfinals

133: Roman Bravo-Young, PSU, Dec. Dylan Duncan, Ill., 3-2

Consolation Second round

133: Bravo-Young, PSU, Dec. Major Jens Lantz, W, 14-5

Ninth place first round

125: Shane Metzler, R, Dec. Devin Schnupp, PSU, 6-4


133: Luke Pletcher, OSU, Dec. Roman Bravo-Young, PSU, 8-5; 141: Lee, PSU, Dec. Max Murin, I, 8-3; 149: Berge, PSU, Dec. Pat Lugo, I, 4-2 (SV2); 157: Nolf, PSU, pinned Eric Barone, Ill., 2:13; 165: Joseph, PSU, tech. drop Joseph Gunther, Ill., 21-6 (5:59); 174: Hall, pinned Drew Hughes, MSU, 2:38; 184: Rasheed, PSU, pinned Cameron Caffey, MSU, 5:17; 197: Nickal, PSU, tech. Fall Brad Wilton, MSU, 19-4 (5:34); 285: Cassar, PSU, Dec. David Jensen, Neb., 8-4

Consolation First Round

125: Shane Metzler, R, Dec. Schnupp, PSU, 6-1


125: Travis Piotrowski, Ill., Tech. autumn Schnupp, PSU, 17-0 (4:39); 133: Bravo-Young, PSU, Dec. Major Jevon Parrish, Neb., 18-3; 149: Berge, PSU, Dec. Major Parker Filius, P, 12-3; 285: Cassar, PSU, Dec. Major Jacob Aven, P, 12-4

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