People are upset by the quality of the Fallout 76 Power Armor edition and the Bethesda excuse gift is void.

Insult to injury

The hits keep coming. Fallout 76 the players have very clearly expressed their dissatisfaction with the West Virginia Wasteland. A lean story, a poor multiplayer implementation, a tedious inventory system and many bugs infest the latest Fall Game. But the latest complaint suggests that Bethesda's weaknesses are not limited to software.

Bethesda has announced at E3 a limited edition of $ 199 from Power Armor Fallout 76. The centerpiece was a T-51b Power Armor portable headset, but it contained other benefits. Among these was a "Canvas West Tek Duffel Bag" for storing the helmet.

People who sand for the expensive Fallout 76 editing has something much cheaper in quality. The bag that was shipped was nylon, not canvas. There is a big difference. The canvas is very resistant and can withstand wear. Nylon is the fragile junk food of the 5K Walk for the Cure promotional bags.

Here is a comparison:

Bethesda, seeking to appease this uprising quickly, has settled. As announced on Twitter, people who have pre-ordered the Power Armor edition can contact customer service to get an apology gift of 500 atoms. It is a microtransaction currency worth $ 5 – and generally insufficient to cover anything of interest.

There is no glimmer of hope here. More Fall fans, those who are willing to spend $ 140 more for a collector's edition, are probably disappointed with the way Fallout 76 it's turned out. In turn, they are probably also disappointed by the fact that their edition of Power Armor arrived late – in many cases, at least a week after the release date of the game, November 14. And, they are probably disappointed with the bag they thought they had.

The disappointment all around, and $ 5 for cosmetics does not solve anything.

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