Chanel designer and creative director Karl Lagerfeld is dead.

People for the ethical treatment of animals, better known as PETA, is facing an extreme reaction as a result of a "cruel" tweet that seems to celebrate the death of Karl Lagerfeld.

Shortly after the announcement of the death of Lagerfeld – the eccentric German designer who was the artistic director of Chanel, Fendi and his eponymous clothing line – on Tuesday, PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk, has declaration about his "nemesis".

"Karl Lagerfeld is gone and his death marks the end of a time when fur and exotic skins were considered coveted.PETA sends its condolences to the loved ones of our ancient nemesis," PETA UK official Twitter less than an hour after his death.

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Social media users immediately called the animal rights organization "cold", "disrespectful" and "cruel" for taking advantage of the designer's death with an anti-fur campaign comment.

Twitter users have challenged their level of taste ("no class at all"), insulted the insensitivity of the group ("respect those who have succeeded, no matter what they wear") and even compared PETA to the National Rifle Association ("It's like the NRA of animals.")

@TheJediVegan said that PETA's response was "a little cold at the announcement of the death of someone." Should care for all living things, whether you agree with them or that you love them. "

@DrinkWaterShane agreed: "So everyone can only feel empathy and compassion for the animals … it's just wrong, it literally happened several hours ago. "

@CarolinaVictim, who's self-identified as a vegetarian, wrote that PETA should have "ashamed of a level comment as low as" after "someone just died". She added, "Learn to be a little more human and then you will be able to defend your visions … it's only a cruel / useless tweet for a moment like this."

"The most ridiculous tweet ever, especially since Chanel announced he was cutting off fur and exotic skins," said User @ Lt0912. The fashion house made the announcement in December, under the direction of Lagerfeld.

Despite a growing reaction, the founder of PETA maintained her previous statement.

"Maybe you did not realize that I was almost 70 years old, almost the same generation as Mr. Lagerfeld, and even though I did not conceive of it, I wore the fur for years, so there is nothing sarcastic in the remark The sorrow, which I know well, is real and our condolences to all those who love and lose a person are also, whatever the this person's opposite position on fur, "said Newkirk in a statement obtained by Fox News and People.

Newkirk continued: "PETA's snap expresses the wickedness of commentators: PETA has voiced none."

Karl Lagerfeld dies at age 85 (Photo11: usat)

A strong supporter of fashionable fur (even though he did not wear it himself), Lagerfeld invited the The anger of PETA, who tried to throw him a pie at an event in New York in 2001. They missed and hit Calvin Klein.

In an interview with the New York Times in 2015, Lagerfeld defended his use of furs and exotic skins: "I think that a butcher shop is even worse, it's like visiting a murder. Is horrible, no, so I prefer not to know it. "

Contributor: Maria Puente

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