Petra's video of thanks for her latest viral video has reached 1,000,000 views!

Thank you very much everyone!
The video has more than 1,000,000 views since May!

Here is his BLird (Bird Blog) on ​​the realization.



  1. your voice sounds like sally from the movie Cars XD

  2. What is the other bird I think you called him Oscar?

  3. her head….oh she look goooood omg yessss Petra I SUBBED

  4. Petra! You can buy as many peanuts as you want for ad revenue! ?

  5. Congrats You two!! 🙂 Cute cute Petra <3

  6. Congrats! Just love your family! Such beautiful and happy birbs! Sorry I was on my mini vacation to Florida! ??????

  7. Do you clip petra's wings ? And for how many years do you have her ? p.s petra is amazing.

  8. I found Petra a week or two ago, and seeing her and hearing her talk always makes me feel happy and oddly helps my anxiety.

  9. did she say "come here, stud"? lol

  10. i have a question.
    the ebook that you suggested:
    was for indian ringnecks, does it work on african greys?

  11. Sometimes you sound just like Jennifer Aniston.

  12. 0:04 yessss the op dance! Good job Petra

  13. My favorite Petra video is the, "Petra, say sorry," video. Mostly because of the way she says, "Petra sorry…"

  14. congratulations petra! shes such an amazing bird!!

  15. Why does Petra looks like "I woke up like this"?

  16. Petra knew she was a super star all along.

  17. And half of the views are mine ?♥️

  18. Petra you are AWESOME!!!!!!!! You always make my day! You always make me laugh n ? smile too. Big parrot hugs n love to you and your family!

  19. You are so welcome, Petra❤️. Your videos are appreciated greatly‼️

  20. I need a Petra stream in my life

  21. Girl birds are the best. I love Petra because she is so so so darn cute. Her talking is really cute, too. 🙂

  22. YEAH nice job keep up the good work

  23. Petra and Oscar are very beautiful birds. Congrats on 1m views on the video! Way to go, Petra!

  24. PetraGrey ~ Congratulations! That's amazing! What an, unforseen, blessing you've been to so many of us! So proud of you, Petra…step up and take a bow!! (And a pistachio!) What a great job you're doing, Petra's humans!! May God bless you,greatly! ??? Thank you for sharing the lives of these two beautiful birds with us! ?

  25. Congratulations beautiful Petra!!!!!!❤️???

  26. 1:27 Scratch scratch, LOL, 0:41 Oscar in background partying too 🙂

  27. No thank you! These videos make me smile so much!! ?????