Phillies Daily Links: 02/18/19 – The Good Phight


People, I do not know what to say to you.

This weekend we saw a lot of things. And they all have to do with the same thing.

Bryce Harper.

The Internet was full of rumors, conjectures and simply madness. There has been a ton, and I mean a ton, of smoke about Bryce Harper and the possibility that he has decided on how he plans to play in the future. I will not stay here and make links to every tweet, but you can probably find them yourself. However, I would stay tuned to The Good Phight, because if that happens, we are ready. On the links!

Here at the good Phight:

  • Yesterday, Evan presented special links for the weekend and lively discussions took place. Maybe want to check.

Other Phillies new:

Esoteric MLB:

That's all, my friends. Not moving. Until next time ….

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