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Phone hacking device used by police sells on eBay for $ 100

It appears that the police sold or sold in any way devices that were subsequently sent to the online auction house, according to the newspaper. Forbes. Worryingly, cybersecurity researcher Matthew Hickey has purchased several UFEDs from eBay and found details about searches on law enforcement phones (including specific device IDs such as IMEI numbers). ), the type of device access and the types of data obtained. Even though he was not looking further, he suspected that he would be able to obtain personal data, including photos, contacts and messages.

Hickey discovered that one of the devices was used to access Samsung, LG, ZTE and Motorola phones, while he was able to use it rift old iPhones and iPods. It seems that officials are sell older UFEDs who can not access phones running newer versions of iOS or Android. More recent models have been able to access iPhones under iOS 11. UFEDs use unknown vulnerabilities from Apple or Google to access phones. Cellebrite devices become obsolete as vulnerabilities are fixed.

Cellebrite would have letters sent ask customers to destroy UFEDs that are no longer needed or to return them for proper disposal instead of selling the devices. Its conditions do not allow customers to resell UFED.

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