PM Modi the public again! Viral video

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that his pet Digital India is a war against touts and middlemen, helping to control black money and black marketing while creating d & # 39; Huge employment opportunities in small towns and rural areas.
PM Modi's dialogue with the beneficiaries of Digital India … Digital India to empower poor farmers and young people
| Varun Pandey

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  1. aise modyji kya bolte ha…. etna juth… kabtak desh ko dega

  2. Kya nautanki Kar rhe h pm geene chune log ko baitha Kar question poocha ja RHA hai, public ko bewkuf bnaya ja RHA hai

  3. he lose his credibility now always saying nonsense or lie
    feku no 1 in the world

  4. Esa lagta hei ki fix match hei

  5. janta v aap hi chunte Hai Kya modi ji

  6. gali.gali.shor.Hai.Modi.chor hai….

  7. Saari yojna fail ho gayi h tmhari Mr. Pm

  8. Pls kaam karo yaar
    Chutiya mat banao

  9. रोजगार और किसानों की भी बात कर लिया करो।।

  10. Bhakto feku maharaja aa chuke nahi lipetna suru karo