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Nintendo Switch Exclusives Pokemon Let Go Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let Go Go Eevee are already two of the biggest games of the year. Nintendo expects titles to help change a lot of Switch consoles, having also released Pokemon Let Go Change package. But for those who do not have – or can not afford – a Nintendo Switch, there may be an unofficial bypass solution.

Pokemon Let Go has become playable on PC via a Nintendo Switch emulator called Yuzu1567. A video from YouTube shows Pokemon Let Go Go Pikachu running on the Canary version of the Yuzu emulator, which is the version with all the latest bugfixes. However, this version, like the Yuzu emulator in general, still contains technical problems that make it far from a perfect, Switch-Native quality experience.

For example, the sound of the video below sounds completely weird. Not only does the sound seem to speed up, but it is not synchronized with the gameplay either. It also looks like a buzz; it's a bit like listening to a song without having properly plugged in the headphones.

This is not the only problem either, because the text is displayed in black blocks and can not be read. For those who like to whistle through the Pokémon games, ignoring tradition and the entire narrative context, it will not be a problem. Guides on how to overcome obstacles and achieve game goals are also available online. Experienced players will also recognize Pokémon and know their name without having to read the text on the screen. But even so, it's a shocking experience.

Overall, most people will agree that the game works pretty well. The graphics of the game all seem to have been preserved in the emulator and the Pokemon capture system also seems to work properly. Pokemon fans on PC hope that a playable version will be released in the coming months.

The Nintendo Switch has already sold millions of units worldwide. The exit of Pokemon Let Go Games and recent sales of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday that reduced the Switch will further increase these sales. As such, the emulated PC version of Pokemon Let Go It is unlikely that the final result of Nintendo will bother much. However, Nintendo is notoriously strict regarding the respect of its copyright, including YouTube removal requests and the filing of lawsuits against emulators. As such, we do not know what will happen with this one.

Pokemon Let Go is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Unreal – YouTube (via Kotaku)


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