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Possible case of hepatitis A under investigation at Noblesville Kroger

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. – The Indiana State Department of Health and the County of Hamilton Health Department are investigating a possible case of hepatitis A involving a Kroger employee.

Neither the health departments nor Kroger would have wanted to know which Kroger store was involved or if the employee was currently working there.

Health officials confirmed that the employee did not handle food through her job. The risk to public health is therefore low. However, residents who spoke to FOX59 said that it was always worrying to know that someone who might have this virus is working near food.

"We need to know where we could be next," said Michael Wysk, a resident of Noblesville.

ISDH describes hepatitis A is a viral infection of the liver. It is usually transmitted by oro-fecal routes or by the consumption of contaminated food or water. People can get the virus by contact with:

  • Food prepared or served by an infected person
  • Stool or blood of an infected person
  • Inanimate objects that may contain traces of faeces in contact with the hands
  • Shared syringes or "works" used for injecting drugs

"I mean if it's just through physical contact, I mean that's true.If they do not wash their hands, then you could get it-" same, "said Wysk. "You can pass it on to the kids."

The ISDH said that as of June 7, 21 cases of hepatitis A have been confirmed in Hamilton County. The same map shows that Marion County has 220 cases.

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