Prevention and precautions for viral fever


Dangerous diseases can be avoided

Monsoon diseases accompany rainy season

Due to the worsening of the disease, the contaminated environment, clean environment and overcrowding of the population are the main factors responsible for the spread of inflammatory diseases and diseases are strengthened during the rains of monsoon. Mayan foods play an important role in inviting monsoon diseases.
Keatukukalkk to develop on the main diseases vahakaraniva.denkippani orukkikeatukkarut.malakalatte any situation, malaria, yellow fever, chikungunya, cholera, filariasis, vairalppani, leptospirosis, typhoid and diseases during the rainy season, the # 39; s use is spread mainly by sadhyatayullava.tilappiccariya drinking water catch us, a complete personal hygiene kidding Donar exercise and hygiene. The use of mosquitoes and long dresses to prevent mosquitoes is also recommended as a precursor to prevent the disease.

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