Eupatorium perfoliatum! Homeopathic medicine for the prevention and cure of dengue Chikungunya Fever?

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Dengue fever | Symptoms, treatment and prevention | Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes carry the dengue virus

[ad_1] There is no vaccine to prevent human infection with this virus. Personal protection and environmental management of mosquitoes are important to prevent disease. Prevent mosquito access to an infected person with fever. Protect yourself against mosquito bites at all times in dengue areas. Get more good advice – subscribe ➜ ★ ★ Be the … Read more

Viral fever in children during the monsoon || Prevention of influenza momskidscare

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Viral fever and its prevention …

[ad_1] Hello, welcome everyone on my channel. During the rainy season, almost everyone is affected by this disease, the disease spreads from city to city. Today, I have discussed the viral fever and some tips or means of prevention, if these methods are well maintained, we can all survive the viral fever in this rainy … Read more

Homeopathic medicine for viral fever or influenza! Prevention !

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Prevention of viral fever or influenza? दवाख बुखार से बचने के लिए होम्योपैथिक दवा !!

[ad_1] Namaskar Dosto Is video me maine viral fever or viral infections or prevention of the flu ke baare me aap ko Jaankari Dee hai. sardi khashi bukhar kaise ham bach sakte hai, kuch tips & homeopathic medicine batayi hai. Prevention Tips for Viral Infections Homeopathic Preventive Drugs #DrKirtivikram Homeopathic medicine for the prevention of … Read more

Prevention and precautions for viral fever

[ad_1] Dangerous diseases can be avoided Monsoon diseases accompany rainy season Due to the worsening of the disease, the contaminated environment, clean environment and overcrowding of the population are the main factors responsible for the spread of inflammatory diseases and diseases are strengthened during the rains of monsoon. Mayan foods play an important role in … Read more