Priyanka Chopra opens on the fight with Meghan Markle


  • Priyanka Chopra was asked if she was upset that Meghan Markle had not come to her wedding and if she had snubbed Meghan's baby shower.
  • The reports claim that their friendship will be over unless "Meghan excuses", and Priyanka does not have it.

    Watch out, Ryan Murphy and all the other people obsessed with quarrels: Priyanka Chopra has just been put to a white on camera about her "fight" with Meghan Markle and the time has come to tell your boss that you're "sick", get in the bathroom and look! this! video!

    But first, a lesson of homework: a few weeks ago, Page six Priyanka and the Duchess had a hard time thanks to Meghan who refused Priyanka's wedding invitation with Nick Jonas in December.

    "Priyanka was crushed," said a source, adding that the hint of marriage had caused her snub the Meghan baby shower in New York. "Their friendship is over unless Meghan apologizes, Priyanka is a huge international star with a lot of social media, she's probably more famous in the world than Meghan, she thinks Meghan did not respect her and did not respect her. their friendship. "

    So, what's up with that? Welllll, we asked Priyanka if she was mad at Meghan by a daring fan during an appearance on Watch what's going on live. His answer? She laughs and says, "Oh my god, no, that's not true."

    Hmmm. D & # 39; agreement! You can go back to work now, but I will leave you with this screenshot of Priyanka's face:


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