Professional Call of Duty players react angrily to the next update of Black Ops 4 balance |


A number of professional Call of Duty players have responded to upcoming balancing changes in Black Ops 4, revealed by Treyarch on Feb. 15, and many are not happy with the proposed changes.

A major shift in the global meta of firearms is expected, with popular weapons such as the Maddox receiving a major nerve, while other, perhaps underutilized, weapons, such as the VAPR, will receive improvements.

For the competitive game, the "meta" has remained stable since the game's launch. Three main weapons – ICR, Maddox and Saug – were used, creating a general balance in the shooter.

The Maddox becomes a serious nerve.

With balance changes, this meta is expected to radically change, with perhaps anything but the RIC, a new type of weapons and new weapons like VAPR, MX-9 and GKS.

But it's not just the content of the update that has caused concern, but also timing. While Division A of the Pro League has just finished its first division, Division B is on the bill and the update will take place in the middle of the game.

Professional teams in Division B will not have the time to train or adapt to changes, which means they will simply have to adapt on the fly. Meanwhile, the A Division teams will be free to train with the new update well before CWL Fort Worth.

Xav de Matos, of CWL, said the first week of the division B games will not use the new update, but will only apply it from week 2.

Only time will tell if the changes made to the balancing of weapons improve the overall game in competition, and maybe that will promote the viability of the number of weapons.

The patch is more focused on the large casual player base than on the competitive stage, with the Maddox being a weapon on which casual players have expressed their concerns.

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