Prosecutor Refuses to Prosecute Mayor of Pittsburgh for Gun Control Restrictions

Allegheny County General Counsel refused Friday to approve the charges against the Mayor of Pittsburgh and six members of the City Council, after the city passed a gun control law to which, according to some defenders, would violate the Pennsylvania law.

Seven Pittsburgh residents have attempted to file criminal charges against Mayor Bill Peduto (D) and city councilors, according to the Associated Press. Citizens are allowed to file such charges with the approval of the prosecutor.

The Democratic District Attorney's Office Stephen Zappala Jr. said prosecutors would not consider any criminal charges until the laws came into force and someone would be charged with raping them. The law will come into force in about two months.

"We will consider a private complaint if someone is harmed by the law," said a Zappala spokesman to residents.

"Why do I have to be arrested? Why do I fall on a sword? Now I have a criminal record," replied Tony Golembiewski, one of the defendants.

The law change follows a massive shooting at the city's Tree of Life synagogue in October, during which 11 people were killed. It prohibits AR-15 rifles as the one that, according to the authorities, was used for the murder.

"Change only happens when you challenge the status quo," Peduto said when signing the legislation, according to the AP.

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