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Publish photos herself on Twitter – Hollywood Life

Bella Thorne reacted by threatening SMS by posting blackmail messages accompanied by a powerful note claiming her "power" on Twitter.

Bella Thorne, 21, does not let a stranger on the Internet control it. On June 13, Twitter was hacked by the actress. A troll has published explicit messages to offensive language. Today, two days later, Bella has taken back the "power" and posted threatening messages she has (probably) received the hacker. "F *** and the power you have over me," Bella said in her tweet, which showed the exchange of text messages and her explicit images that the person was threatening to share. "I will write about it in my next book."

Bella boldly decided to share the texts, refusing to let the other person keep the pictures longer on her. "It's so weird that someone I do not know is looking at my personal sh * t," Bella texted the hacker after they sent her an explicit selfie that she had taken. The person sent an SMS with more photos of Bella, saying they had "all the videos" and shared more images of Bella's body than she had consented to see her.

The author "The Life of a Wannabe Nabob: Mental Disorder" has posted a screenshot with a long message as well as screenshots of threatening conversations via SMS. "In the last 24 hours, I've been threatened with my own nakedness.I feel rude, I feel guarded, I feel that someone took something I did not want see only by one special person, "Bella said.

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"For too long, I've let a man enjoy me again and again and I'm [expletive] tired of that, I put it outside because it's my decision now, I do not have to take something else from me, "Bella continued. "I can sleep better tonight knowing that I have recovered my power. You can not control my life, you'll never do it.

Bella then said that she had submitted the photos that threatened her. "In other words, it's my crazy," said the star. "So here [expletive] u, and the last 24 hours, I cried instead of celebrating my book by doing my book press. Oh yes, the FBI will be home soon, so be careful. your mother. [Expletive]. Return."

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