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US court asks American Airlines to stop so-called illegal union slowdown

On Friday, a federal court accepted a request from American Airlines to end an alleged illegal slowdown by two mechanic unions that, according to the airline, would have "devastated" its activities.

American Airlines, the world's largest passenger airline, has received a temporary restraining order against unions, ordering workers to stop interfering in operations, according to Reuters.

The order was made following a lawsuit and a preliminary injunction filed by the airline three weeks ago.

Unions have "significantly expanded their illegal slowdown activities and are creating an operational crisis that is causing considerable damage to American Americans, travelers and employees," American Airlines said in a restrictive order.

The Union of Transportation Workers of America and the International Association of Machinists have been instructed to inform their workers to stop activities such as refusing to work overtime and slowing down of their performances.

The airline argued that the tactic was being used to strengthen union positions in collective bargaining underway since 2015.

At the same time, unions have criticized the airline for trying to outsource maintenance work, which, according to the American, will help cover the increase in wages.

Just over 720 flights have been canceled since the trial, with 11,000 passengers a day impacted since June 7, according to the airline.

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