Quiz! Can you name each Premier League player with more than 5 goals in 2018/19?


This weekend, we will probably see the 800th goal of the season in the Premier League hit the back of the net. To date, 791 goals have been scored in 2018/19, nearly 200 have been looted by Manchester City, Liverpool and Arsenal.

As for the players, however, the joy has been better distributed: no one has fled in the Golden Boot race, and more than 50 people have had the pleasure of discarding at least five season.

Eighteen teams are represented on the roster (eg Huddersfield and Cardiff), while some teams appear more than others (rest, Manchester City).

But can you name them all these players? We give you eight minutes to get 54 goal scorers to five or more since the start of the season. You should not have too much RAM, so we expect you to be fine.

Let @FourFourTwo to know how much time was left at the stopwatch once you had one (right?), and you could do our daily ranking …

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