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Mickey Mouse may be due for an anti-rabies vaccine.

The Florida Department of Health in Orange County has issued a 60-day rabies alert at Walt Disney World Resort in response to reports that a rabid cat has been found in the area.

The alert, announced Tuesday, covers the three-kilometer radius of the intersection of the Interstate Four and Epcot Center Drive, which includes the Disney attractions park & ​​# 39; s Epcot Center.

Disney World spokeswoman Erica Ettori told USA TODAY that two cast members had been scratched by the laboratory-confirmed rabid cat, but did not contract the virus.

"We are relieved that both members of the cast received quick treatment and are back to work," Ettori said.

In his statement, the Florida Department of Health asked the public to "continue to report that rabies is active in this region of southwestern Orange County."

Kent Donahue, spokesman for the Florida Department of Health, said the cat was the only rabid animal found in the area so far this week.

Because the cat may have transmitted rabies to other animals, the department advised people in the affected area to avoid stray cats and dogs, as well as wild animals such as raccoons washers, bats, foxes, skunks, otters, feral cats and coyotes.

Their statement also told anyone who came in contact with these animals to seek immediate medical attention and to contact Orange County Animal Services at 407-254-9150.

He also urged pet owners to vaccinate their animals if they had not already done so.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, rabies is a "deadly but preventable viral disease" that can also cause paralysis and coma. Since the virus is transmitted through animal saliva, humans can be infected with animal bites, scratches or exposure to the open wound. The only way to stop it is to prevent the virus from spreading through a series of vaccines.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a rapid injection of fast-acting anti-rabies immune globulin is administered at the bite site as soon as possible. Then, over the next two weeks, the patient receives a series of four additional injections to train his immune system to identify and attack the virus.

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