Rachel McAdams breaks the silence of being a mom

Rachel McAdams opens for the first time on maternity!

The 40-year-old Oscar-nominated actress welcomed a baby boy in April 2018 with her partner and screenwriter. Jamie Linden.

Rachel was very private about her son and partner. She finally opened about them two in an interview with The Sunday Times.

Rachel says that his son is "the greatest thing that happened to me, hands down".

"[People say] your life no longer belongs to you. But I was 39 years old, I was fed up with it, I was so happy to focus on another person. I have waited a long time [for motherhood]. That's just how it went. And I did not want to do it before the opportune moment, "she added.

Deciding to keep her pregnancy secret, she said, "I want to keep his private life, even though mine is not. But I have more fun being a mom than I ever had. Everything is interesting, exciting and inspiring for me. Even on hard days – they have something delicious. "

Rachel also open about his relationship with Jamie. She said: "We live as gypsies as actors, so [it’s great] to be with someone who may be on the road too. "

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