Rapoport: Seahawks WR David Moore will be back as soon as possible


The Seattle Seahawks line-up is taking shape because there are less than five days left before the list of 90 names is reduced to 53. I guess there is only a small handful of places to win, at the exception of injuries.

All players on the bubble will have one last chance to shine when the Seahawks host their pre-game final against the Oakland Raiders on Thursday night. You will not see the starters until the first week against the Cincinnati Bengals. We will dive into this week's mail. Thank you, as always, to those who sent their question.

(Updated at 3:26 pm PST Monday following the announcement of David Moore's return rather sooner than later and will not start the season in the injured reserve as planned.)

What was disappointing with the Saturday night game in Los Angeles is that the Chargers are resting all their males. The attack and defense of Seattle's first squad have been impressive, but it's hard to hinder the decisive effort against Los Angeles reinforcements.

But as noted Pete Carroll, seeing Bobby Wagner, K.J. Wright and Mychal Kendricks on the ground at the same time were remarkable. The trio is arguably the best in the NFL, making it easily the best-selling linebacker in the Seahawks group. All three are true game creators with the athleticism, mental awareness and versatility to defend their defenseman in 2019. Wagner and Wright probably took advantage of their restricted representatives at the show to get rid of rust before the regular season. Wright, in particular, almost got caught during an interception when opening the Chargers' disc. This is a game he will certainly do in the regular season when he is at full speed.

As far as the group of the worst position on the list is concerned, it makes sense to target the less experienced. Aside from Tyler Lockett and Jaron Brown, Seattle will likely have four rookie receivers to make their NFL debut in the first week. Malik Turner would be the only exception, although he had only two career successes. David Moore will probably start the season in the injured reserve, and who knows when DK Metcalf will be 100%. Seattle will need Brown, at least one rookie receiver and all his strengths to be able to intervene immediately.

Update: Even though Moore will not go into RI, I will not change my answer. Moore also has a lot to prove and adds only minimal NFL experience to the group.

I'm sure the Seahawks checked the price of Jadeveon Clowney, but I would still be shocked if they pulled the trigger with a successful contract. I think the emergence of Poona Ford, the blitzing ability of linebackers and the belief that Ezekiel Ansah is close to 100% will all affect Seattle's decision to hold on.

John Ursua is one of the biggest benefactors of Moore's shoulder injury. He took advantage of his limited opportunities in pre-season, averaging 25 yards per game (4-100) while missing a few defenders on the field. He watched the game and should be on the list at this point.

Update: This is not good news for Ursua, Ferguson Jazz, Gary Jennings or Turner. Moore staying on the active list probably eliminates two of these four people from the list. I still think Ursua has a place, although his profile and skills are easier to find than the other three.

It is always difficult to predict who has a market value while 1,184 players in the league are about to be eliminated. Few clubs will abandon the project capital unless they feel that a specific player will fill a specific void in their list. Sometimes player-to-player exchanges take place this week, but they are rare. So no, I do not think anyone is treated until Saturday's deadline.

If I had to choose someone, it would be DeShawn Shead. Seattle has so many young talents in safety that it could silence Shead from the list. Shead has experience, versatility and is inexpensive – all of which could be of interest to teams requiring security.

I can not wait to see more of C. J. Prosise, J. D. McKissic and Travis Homer. There is room for two in the lineup, and backtracking is one of the few places where players can show more points in games than in practice. I will add Ferguson, Jennings and Turner as players who were silent during the pre-season and who would benefit from one last strong impression before cuts were made.

I'm going to publish my second series of alignment screenings Tuesday and Prosise will be one of the names added to the list of 53 men. Since Seattle will depend a lot on Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny, she can take Prosise's risk for health to keep her on the list. I think Prosise has a higher ceiling than McKissic, Homer and Bo Scarbrough.

We have not yet received a definitive schedule for Metcalf, but I will not count on him for the first week. Seattle will not reject it if it is not 100%.

It's funny, since Brown has never had such a long statistical season, but is likely to open the season as Seattle No. 2 catcher. His career highs in one season are 31, 477 yards and five touchdowns. I'm going to go with a 40-550-4 line for Brown in 2019. This projection assumes that Metcalf will miss only one game before overtaking Brown on the depth chart.

Update: Moore news should have a negative impact on Brown's production. Let's do it 35-500-3.

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