Rashmika Mandanna Lip-Lock video becomes viral | Virmina Rasmina Madanna Kissing Sean ..!

Geeta Govindam of Vijay Devakonda and Rashmika Mandanna is a continuation of the movie whose lip has locked Rashmi Vijay. This video is now viral.

Rashmika Mandanna's film in Geeta Govindam kissed Vijay Devarakonda. This scene from the movie goes viral.
Filmibeat Kannada
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  1. antha kellasa adu engagement agi athara maduboda kiss last Alli kodukodre anu athhade aelli rashmika

  2. I believe rakshith is already know about this lip lock scene before signing picture. avarige problem illa andmele naavu Yaake tale kedisikolbeku?

  3. why she should attain telgu movies .

  4. Its her freedom in acting she was made to do like that no one has any rights to comment negative on her