React to my videos VIRAL VIDEO / "videos about eating disorders they do not talk to you about"



  1. I saw this video soon after you uploaded it, and at the time, it was super validating to see someone else in the same position. I'm so happy to see you + your channel grow the way it has! rock on.

  2. You've become a such a cool person! I mean, you always were, but you seem much more human and full of life. It's really amazing to see these to versions of you side to side, and I'm honoured to be a witness of your transformation. Lots of love from the Netherlands ❤️

  3. I am so happy for you and your progress <3

  4. Love the vid? Btw..I think you may have accidentaly named the title of the vid incorrectly

  5. Heya, so I found you through your viral video, and I just wanted to say that I totally understand why you’re not happy with your nakedness in that video, but honestly while I get that, I think it really emphasises the points you were trying to make in the video. Like, while talking about it is one thing, talking about something whilst visually showing it at the same time is such an important thing. I’m not trying to change your views around it, I’m just saying that there’s so much awesome stuff in this video even if you’re not happy with it! And I’m so happy that you’re at a better place!! You’re doing incredibly and you’re such an inspiration to loads of people 🙂

  6. I have been trying to recover from my eating disorder for two weeks now and your videos have helped me soo much and today is the second day I haven't been purging after meals

  7. That video was the very first of yours that I saw and now that I’ve seen almost all your videos and your videos have helped me so much❤️

  8. You are beautiful and such a strong woman iam so proud of you for how far you have come with your eating disorder you keep going in your recovery I love you Lauren

  9. I think this was the first video I watched and I really noticed how much less triggering your new videos are. I'm proud of your progress.