Recap of "Riverdale": Season 3, Episode 6 – Archie's shocking decision

Warning: This message contains information about the main spoilers on Wednesday. Riverdale.

Uh-oh … did we just say goodbye to 'Varchie'?

Riverdale Season 3 Episode 6 Archie HospitalThis week Riverdale saw Archie, freshly escaped from Juvie, travel to Shadow Lake with Kevin so that the witnesses who testified against him during his murder trial could retract. When he arrived there, he found those who had just been murdered by Sheriff Minetta and a crushed Archie himself blamed himself: "All I do is only spawn more. dead. She told Veronica from a public phone, "I can not go home." He says goodbye in tears to his beloved Ronnie before taking the road with his friend Jughead – their unknown destination.

"Being Archie in Riverdale is putting a lot of people at risk, but especially Veronica," said star KJ Apa at TVLine during a recent visit. But do not call it a break: the fact that Archie only said goodbye to Veronica to protect her "means that there is still something there," he said. "They did not separate because someone did something." Archie has not yet given up a future with Veronica, he insists: "I think for now, it's the best thing for them."

As for the impromptu trip on Archie's road, "he's a bit like a fugitive … he's on the run," teases Apa. And while he and Jughead start side by side, "they have to split at some point … you'll see why." (In an upcoming episode, Archie and Jughead visit Jughead's absent mother, Gladys, played by Gina Gershon and her sister Jellybean.) After that, the actor hinted "a lot of his solo", but he It will not be a long way from Riverdale: "It does not last. He can not be isolated forever. "

Archie returns to Riverdale, a changed man, however, warns Apa, after his painful move behind bars: "I think it has a little desensitized, in a way. I feel that there may be some post-traumatic stress after being released from prison … he is angry at the whole world for the fact that he is in this position. Archie's relationship with his father Fred "is now a little different," too, he adds. "After getting out of prison … he sees his father as a man to a man and not a boy to another."

In addition, Archie has problems with his old friends when he comes back, Apa teases: "The problems of high school seem ridiculous compared to what he has lived in prison. We see him turning to other options, which are not good. This creates a huge gap. Archie ends up "sinking into a dark place," he says, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel: RiverdaleThe resident redhead "is saved by a person … and by music". (Additional report by Vlada Gelman)

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