Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci "baecation" video goes viral … ?

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  2. thanks for the info lovely t.i

  3. Reginae is in love by herself and as for her daddy, say hello to karma.

  4. We messing around tells me everything I need to know about him.

  5. She is living the exact life her parents lived… this situation is her “normal “…so sad ?

  6. Reginae is a beautiful chocolate young woman ♡

  7. his using her for fame, he doesn't give care about her I know that for sure

  8. I don't like him,and clearly you can see he's using her for the fame and I hope she gets it before getting pregnant by him cuz that's when she'll see the real when it's too late

  9. you can be with someone for a while tho right, why not just let her be with him, she's young, just let her be happy, so many people aren't… plus she may never experience it again

  10. He's has literally turned her young behind out! I hope she don't get pregnant because I can't stand to see when the mother & daughter have children who are in elementary school together, saying, "Thats My Auntie."

  11. This reminds me of Pepa's daughter and her so called "boyfriend" on Growing Up Hip Hop.

  12. He slapped her tho…well we will see what type dudes she grow up to like smh ??

  13. What in the gang green hell are those children going to do with those dang watches. These men got parenting all screwwed up!!

  14. I am glad she is in this relationship. Maybe after he takes her down and through there she will be humbled a little bit.

  15. Reginae, Girl, this guy doesn't even want to meet your father. He isn't taking you seriously at all. Do you want a baby? cause this guy is in the baby-making business. Get out of there with your beautiful self!

  16. We mess around ? Reginae better focus on school

  17. She’s so little she was like ummm where’s my toy

  18. Don't no small kids give a dam bout them watches..that's corny not to get TOYS instead..they not even old enuf to tell time yet

  19. He so fulla it. Talbot they connect, they don't even have the same life experiences, they genitals connect, that's about it.

  20. U said jamaican

    _Say no mo’ ??????.! I Wish Them The Best Of Luck????

    jamaicans r dangerous…………in bed ??

  21. Wow! That's a lot of pics and vids she gotta delete off social media….there's a walgreens/cvs/D. Read on just about every corner you turn.

  22. The caption to that video??? yess!

  23. He slapped a baby who was doing nothing lol Then gave the other baby a Rolex knowing she barely know her numbers.. I believe he like Regular-nae someone gotta pay for those kids ??????

  24. She doesn’t have good taste in men. Woow??!!! Three kids!!??? This is a red flag a big and he is only here for money , opportunities. The D has blinded her lol p

  25. And def he is using her he’s not into her she is into him he’s using her cuz she little Wayne’s daughter she still has a baby face and baby weight he’s nasty they look like father and daughter to me like he’s her father I hope she don’t call him daddy in bed lmao no sa but yea they not cute

  26. And why he get this little girl a Rolex I’m not a hater I don’t care about the time so trust me I don’t want one but I’m sure she can’t even tell time

  27. This is not a cute couple I don’t care with her little girl chest and body.theres got to be more to this trust me.

  28. It seems like she's attracted to someone a lot like her daddy. Not much Wayne can say to her. She'll have to learn on her own.

  29. I agree with you Lovely ti….Reginae is givin Lucci way more hype. He isn’t claiming her, and giving more fulfilled attn. I hope she wises up to his behavior n exits stage left, b4 she does her own Lemonade album.. No offense just facts!!!

  30. What is this baby gonna do with a rolex

  31. I can't take it she gets on my nerves after seeing how she act on " growing up hip hop" smh she's annoying. Lol

  32. Let's just hope her mother is trying to guide her.

  33. You could tell Rosci was getting the vibe he didn't give af about reginae

  34. niggas always be doing this shit She will be BM #4. Like Cici Like Cardi. Lol. ??

  35. Well, women tend to date men like their brothers and fathers. Hey Weezy!

  36. It is about sex for him. He is sexing her down & she is a new meat. He is a professional baby maker.

  37. You are right and she need to leave him alone . He gonna dump her after he ger her knock up.

  38. But you know what they say women are attracted to men like their father and whatever a man does to a woman the karma is reaped through his daughter. Just look at lil Wayne track history with women it's just as bad if or worse then her boyfriends

  39. The moment he reciprocates the love she will lose interest. Black girls are a different beast. They only respond to " distant" men. Just read the responses to this video. Black women talking about they been there and done that. It's just how sistas are built.

  40. He got that south retarded accent and a permanent grin with his big teeth

  41. Na dat can't run my daughter in the house till she's 30