Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci "baecation" video goes viral … ?


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48 thoughts on “Reginae Carter and YFN Lucci "baecation" video goes viral … ?”

  1. you can be with someone for a while tho right, why not just let her be with him, she's young, just let her be happy, so many people aren't… plus she may never experience it again

  2. He's has literally turned her young behind out! I hope she don't get pregnant because I can't stand to see when the mother & daughter have children who are in elementary school together, saying, "Thats My Auntie."

  3. Reginae, Girl, this guy doesn't even want to meet your father. He isn't taking you seriously at all. Do you want a baby? cause this guy is in the baby-making business. Get out of there with your beautiful self!

  4. And def he is using her he’s not into her she is into him he’s using her cuz she little Wayne’s daughter she still has a baby face and baby weight he’s nasty they look like father and daughter to me like he’s her father I hope she don’t call him daddy in bed lmao no sa but yea they not cute

  5. I agree with you Lovely ti….Reginae is givin Lucci way more hype. He isn’t claiming her, and giving more fulfilled attn. I hope she wises up to his behavior n exits stage left, b4 she does her own Lemonade album.. No offense just facts!!!

  6. But you know what they say women are attracted to men like their father and whatever a man does to a woman the karma is reaped through his daughter. Just look at lil Wayne track history with women it's just as bad if or worse then her boyfriends

  7. The moment he reciprocates the love she will lose interest. Black girls are a different beast. They only respond to " distant" men. Just read the responses to this video. Black women talking about they been there and done that. It's just how sistas are built.

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