Reservation | Public Safety | Axomi Viral Fever | Unspecified surveillance


Reservation (monitoring policy) | Public supervision is determined. Axomi Viral Fever | Unspecified surveillance
In addition to the 17th Constitutional Constitution, the "reserve" has been registered. The historical perspective is the revision of the Constitution, national social policy, listed castes and listed tribes, repression, social inequality and listed tribes.
Scheduled castes and nationalities have been able to stop the constitutional monitoring of the nation and protect the country's population. This magazine is organized by a well organized movement, responsible for all national and ethnic origins and all Hinduism. In order to overcome the difficulties of the many peoples and ethnic groups of the population of the developed countries, many regions will face conflicts in their area of ​​competence.
The need to focus on the "follow-up" of the special constitution called special ethnic groups identified in society, not to mention the appropriate interest for each South Asian nation. What is the first question, what is the follow up? It is an official recognition of the constitutional "oversight" of tribal tribes, scheduled castes and other backward castes of the country, and high nationalism. Second part, what are the schedules? Many people are concerned about surveillance, but they are not able to understand what they need to "examine" the local society. It is not worth thinking about the problem.



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