Respawn Releases Apex Legends Patch Addressing Twitch Prime Loot Exploit |


Following the discovery of an exploit allowing players to receive free booty from Twitch Prime's Apex Legends, Respawn has released a fix so that PC gamers solve the problem.

While Respawn was initially dumb on the issue, they announced a new exclusive fix to the PC version of the game, which will fix the exploit once and for all.

In addition to filling the legal void, Respawn also confirmed that the Omega Point Pathfinder skin granted via the Twitch Prime promotion would be removed from any account that has obtained by the alternative method.

The five Apex packs that were also included in the promotion were not mentioned in the update, which means that the items that players were receiving from these packs should remain in their account.

Enthusiastic fans to purchase the exclusive Pathfinder skin for free will be very disappointed with this new update.

Given the resounding success of Apex Legends in recent weeks, as well as the appealing nature of exclusive skins, it was not surprising to see many people trying out and using the system to obtain items without actually paying for them.

The fairly quick way in which Respawn addressed the problem should appeal to all players who fear a more passive approach to the various issues that will inevitably arise in the coming weeks and months.

With recent reports of different hitboxes that could make some legends unfavorable, the look will still be turned to Respawn, the launch of Season 1 and the first big balancing pass is fast approaching.


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