RTD: The operator of a derailed train at Aurora got too close to the curve, causing the woman to be ejected


AURORA, Colorado – The Regional Transportation District fired the person who was operating a light rail that derailed near an Aurora junction during a snowstorm at the end of last month, causing the accident. 39, expulsion of a woman and many other injuries.

In a press release, RTD stated that the operator of the R Line train was traveling too fast while it was approaching a curve near East Avenue Exhibition and the South Sable Boulevard during the early hours of the morning of January 28th.

A spokesman for RTD said the train was traveling at around 30 mph. The driver was supposed to have slowed down to 10 mph.

"Light rail operators are trained to slow their trains to the approach of sharp turns," RTD said in its statement. "Since it was found that the operator was not following the security protocol, RTD terminated the operator."

When the train derailed, a woman was pushed into the car door and, because of the force, was ejected, according to Aurora Police Lieutenant Jad Lanigan.

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This woman suffered serious injuries. While Aurora Police Department spokesman Matthew Longshore was not able to say exactly what happened to him, several witnesses on site said that his foot had been injured.

Several other people on the train were taken to the hospital. In Friday's press release, RTD called some of their wounds serious.

The derailment occurred on the same day that several centimeters of snow fell in the Denver metropolitan area, resulting in jackknif city buses and significant delays in the public transportation system – including the R line, which was stopped for five hours while driving the train to leave the tracks.

In the press release, RTD General Manager and General Manager David Genova said the train derailment and the fact that the woman ejected from the light rail is experiencing a phenomenon that RTD "has never known "for nearly 25 years.

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