Rumor has it that all the actors take the place of Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck left his Batman role in DC Extended Universe and, in doing so, left a huge hole in the franchise that will have to be filled by the cast of a new Batman.

With Matt Reeves next solo movie The Batman DC Films and Warner Bros. will not have much time before the production of the new Batman. Of course, a thorough search to find a new Batman is perhaps not the problem that seems to start. In fact, given the amount of rumors we've heard, the studio may already have its new Batman!

Scroll down the list of all the actors we are currently talking about (read: "rumor", not just on a fan wish list), for the role of the new Batman / Bruce Wayne. We will explain the probability (or not) of each candidate for the role:

Drag 1 of 16Jake Gyllenhaal

According to rumors, Jake Gyllenhaal would replace Ben Affleck for over a year now – it is arguably the most conspicuous rumor in the Batman cast we've had. Many movie fans of superheroes probably think that Gyllenhaal's role as Mysterio Spider-Man: far from home knocked him out of Batman – but that's not at all true. He would not be the first actor to play on both sides.

Drag 2 of 16Jon Hamm
the batman jon hamm bruce wayne fanart

Like Gyllenhaal, Mad Men Rumor has it that star Jon Hamm takes the role of Batman – but once again, it is said that Hamm would assume just about all the major superhero role that would become available. He's just as capable of playing a Superman older than Batman – but he's definitely a good substitute if the older version of the Affleck character continues in the DCEU.

Drag 3 of 16Sott Adkins
Batman Scott Adkins audition

For years, the martial arts star has been both an alleged candidate and a fan nominee for a great superhero franchise – and Batman would surely serve that agenda. Some fans may question the merits of Adkins as a dramatic actor, but he has been expanding this range for quite some time.

Drag 4 of 16Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson The Batman Ben Affleck

the dusk star is certainly one of the most controversial choices of the market – but more and more people recognize and support his talents as a directing man, apart from YA's hated franchise that torments him for years. years.

Drag 5 of 16Harington Kit

the Game of thrones star is one of the easiest choices on the list for many fans, who like him a lot since his role as Jon Snow. Eu established Harington as both a capable drama and a main actor – the only real problem would be to separate the fans from his Game of thrones enough role to buy it as a Batman.

Drag 6 of 16Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling Batman

Gosling falls into the same category as Kit Harington: he turned out to be a dramatic actor and an outstanding action star (when needed) – but viewers might have a hard time separating Batman from Gosling's celebrity from this actor.

Drag 7 of 16Josh Brolin
Josh Brolin Cable Batman comicbookcom

Brolin is already a major figure in two Marvel film franchises, as Avengers archvillain Thanos, and Cable Warrior in X-Men movies. Adding a major role to the superheroes of DC would not be surprising given Brolin's clear ambitions – but it would act from a very specific version of Batman that Reeves should look for, to launch Brolin (read: "Bruiser Batman").

Drag 8 of 16Matthew Goode
Matthew Goode Batman

guardians The star Matthew Goode would have been one of the biggest competitors of Ben Affleck in the conquest of the Batman v Superman role of Batman. Now that Affleck is gone, Warner Bros. could choose the easiest way and choose one of his biggest choices of finalists.

Drag 9 of 16Richard Armitage
richard armitage batman

The Hobbit The star Richard Armitage is another name that would have been assigned to a role in Batman for quite some time, but never really caught him, nor from elsewhere to a big role in a superhero movie . Armitage definitely has the physical and physical qualities of Batman's role, making him one of the most powerful black horse contenders.

Drag ten of 16Josh Hartnett
batman chris hartnett

Like Armitage, Josh Hartnett has long been an asset to Batman fans and casting agents considered for the role. Hartnett has slowed his career in recent years – just enough time for viewers to forget his fetishist status in the 2000s and look forward to Batman's comeback. It is probably also the best choice to stand up to Henry Cavill's Superman.

Drag 11 of 16Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves Batman

The success of John Wick The franchise has made Keanu Reeves a name well known to action film fans. Since then, the actor has received all sorts of considerations about superhero movies, ranging from Doctor Strange to Wolverine's MCU reboot. Although it's only right to name him for a role as a Batman, it would be another very controversial DC film casting choice, due to the uniqueness of Reeves' manners and delivery.

Drag 12 of 16Jack O 'Connell
Jack O 'Connell Batman

The discussion star of Uninterrupted was looking for a role and / or a franchise to propel his career to the next level, and the courage that he showed in the movies, such as Money Monster or the miniseries Impious to make certain moviegoers believe that he has the dark balance / light necessary to be a great Batman.

Drag 13 of 16Armie Hammer
Armie Hammer Batman

Ironically, Armie Hammer had already been chosen for Batman – back Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller Justice League: Mortal film, which stalled during its production in the late 2000s. Fans are becoming more comfortable with the idea while Hammer's career has expanded to projects as The Man From U.N.C.L.E. – a film in which he was an excellent black sheet for Henry Cavill's charismatic thief. Since we know that both actors already have good chemistry, why not join them again? However, until now, Hammer denies any real involvement in the role of Batman …

Drag 14 of 16Christopher Meloni
christopher meloni batman

the SVU and Happy! Star has been a high profile player for years and the aforementioned projects have really propelled it to a new level of fandom and visibility. If you remember Meloni's escape on the drama of HBO prison ozyou know that he has a dark side worthy of Batman (or Joker, from elsewhere).

Drag 15 of 16Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Aaron-Taylor-Johnson - Batman

Avengers: the era of Ultron star Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been called one of the best actors of his generation, and thanks to his role of escape in Kick assfans have already tasted him as a violent superhero vigilante. However, Taylor-Johnson has been remarked by his versatility in assuming any role of franchise film, even making an overnight appearance in the Marvel film universe. Hard to see him, of all people, taking the stress of Batman.

Drag 16 of 16Chris Pratt
Chris Pratt Batman comicbookcom

Nowadays, Chris Pratt is nominated or considered for any successful movie role – so why not Batman? Of course, few wish to see Star-Lord's effervescent charm beneath the cape and cape of the Black Knight.

Which you want to see as the next Batman? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

DC Movie Universe continues with Aquaman in theaters now, Shazam April 5th Joker in theaters on October 4th, Birds of prey February 7, 2020, and Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters June 5, 2020.


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