Rumors of Rocksteady's Superman game circle at the forefront of the game



Is the Superman game of the open world finally done?

By Shabana Arif

Will the rumored title of Superman with Batman finally become a reality?

The first time we heard about Superman: World's Finest – a new game supposedly in preparation at the developer of the Batman Arkham trilogy – Rocksteady – was earlier this year as we approached the E3 2018. The title made its appearance, this time in a list System Requirements for the game, via ResetEra.

The details of the site required the specifications of PC games and, as the OP points out, users can not publish games on the site, willy-nilly. In fact, a list of Devil May Cry 5 was also there before the official announcement of the game.

The rumors are further reinforced by the official website of Rocksteady, which offers several job offers relating to "an AAA title on next-generation platforms".

The initial leak came from a 4chan thread now deleted, and VG247 reports that the rumor was hinting at an open world title starring Superman, Batman and Robin as playable characters.

The next month's Game Awards promise the revelation of 10 new titles, according to Geoff KeighleyWe will see what is planned on December 6 at 8:30 pm ET / 5:30 pm ET (December 7 at 1:30 am GMT / 12:30 pm EDT).

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