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Running Back Kareem Hunt Suspended 8 matches

Kareem Hunt, the former fugitive Kansas City Chiefs who were captured on a videotape hitting a woman and barely able to recover his belongings in his locker room before the Cleveland Browns came to call, The League is acceptable for Domestic assailants, but protesting the black death is a bridge too far away.

The NFL suspended Hunt following a February 2018 altercation with a woman Hunt jostled in the hallway of a Cleveland hotel. And the moment has been captured on video. Oh, Hunt was also involved in another incident in June of the same year where he allegedly got his hands on men in Ohio, reports ESPN.

But it's the video that made the NFL talk about it, since the incident was broadcast in the news and sparked further discussion about the NFL's lax policy of employing men who beat the NFL. women. Did I mention that Hunt had lied about the incident? Yes, it's his lie to the leaders who forced their hands to let go of the runner. But the Cleveland Browns are not worried about lies, any more than women, because they needed a quick run and Hunt met the requirements.

Hunt was not charged in any of the incidents and informed the league that he was accepting the decision. He will lose $ 303,529 from his $ 645,000 base salary with his eight-game suspension. But do not feel too bad for him because he will have a chance to win $ 200,000 in match bonuses per game.

"I want to apologize again for my actions last year. I know my behavior has hurt a lot of people and I apologize again, "Hunt said in a statement released by the team, according to ESPN.

"I respect the league's disciplinary decision and appreciate the time I spent with the commissioner. [Roger] Goodell last week. I am grateful for the time I have spent with the Browns over the past month and I thank everyone in the organization who welcomed me. I also appreciate all the support that my union has provided throughout this process. My commitment to gain the trust of the league, my teammates, the organization and this community will continue through my actions, and I understand that a lot of work will be coming before we can fully resume the game. . "

While Hunt misses the start of the football season, he will be allowed to be part of the team and to take part in all preparatory events.

"I want everyone to know that we have done extensive research on this case, this player," Browns general manager John Dorsey told reporters last month to explain why the Browns had signed the contract with Hunt . "He understands and assumes full responsibility for the blatant act he has committed. He has a lot of remorse for his actions. "

I'm sure the Hunt Browns' signature was aimed at giving a new Black a chance and had nothing to do with the fact that "Hunt led the NFL to the rookie race in 2017 with 1 327 yards and eight touchdowns to help Kansas City qualify for the playoffs, "reports ESPN.

Meanwhile, a valid 31-year-old quarterback whose only crime is to protest the deaths of black police officers is still without a team … proving that in the NFL, the worst crime you can commit is the defense. black people taking a knee.

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