Samantha Bee demolishes Tucker Carlson of Fox News, "white supremacist"


"There are a few things that any sensible man can not do," said Samantha Bee at the top of this week. Full front. "Never lick a doorknob at the bus station. Never start a conversation with a man about Infinite joke. And never participate in a radio show hosted by a guy named Bubba the Love Sponge. Apparently, Tucker Carlson is not a sensible human being.

With that, Bee was gone and was running with the best late-night withdrawal from the besieged Fox News host to date. After having interpreted the worst parts of her thoughts recently uncovered by Carlson, she said, "It's nasty and disgusting, and it's likely the audition tape that earned him a job interview at Fox. "

Instead of apologizing for his past comments, Carlson gave up his "naughty" speech for a decade and urged people to watch his show to see what he was really thinking.

"You naughty little boy advocating genocide," Bee said. "Well, guess what, damn, we watched your show and we found it was a lot of revolting and racist talk. Now, do not get me wrong, I'm not saying that Tucker Carlson is a white supremacist. Oh no, I'm sorry, yes I am. "

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