Samsung's $ 2,000 Galaxy Fold represents a huge risk for anyone buying it


Samsung's $ 2,000 collapsible smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, has been turning heads since its unveiling last week.

Foldable phones are the most popular new trend in 2019, which is not surprising. Before the spread of smartphones in the late 2000s, foldable "shell" phones such as the Motorola Razr dominated the market with their compact design.

The Galaxy Fold returns to the era of rocking phones: you can use the screen 4.7 inches of the Galaxy Fold from one hand, but the phone can open to a screen 7.3-inch tablet-like.

Having a new smartphone design, after more than ten years of repetition of the same rounded rectangles, is obviously exciting. But buying the Galaxy Fold when it becomes available in some areas on April 26 is a risky prospect.

Here's why.

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