San Antonio commanders hold rights to quarterback Johnny Manziel


Johnny Manziel (AP Photo / Evan Vucci)

Former Heisman quarterback Johnny Manziel was released and banned Thursday from the Canadian Football League.

His connection with Texas A & M means that he would come to San Antonio before any other place in the AAF.

The chief executive of the commanders, Daryl Johnston, said that he had spoken with AAF President Tom Dundon, who had told him that Manziel would be available.

"I had a conversation with Tom Dondon and he was the one who informed me yesterday of Johnny Manziel and how he is now available," Johnston said. "He just said," It's up to you in San Antonio, what are your thoughts? "

Johnston told reporters that the team will sit down and see how the league reacts.

A big worry for guys with big names such as Manziel is the money.

"Tom wants to make sure that all members of the Alliance receive the same salary as the first year," said Johnston. "The wages of the second year will be the same."

Even better news for the commanders, it seems that Manziel is not one of those.

In fact, Johnston claims that Kerrville Tivy's product is perfectly suited to salary.

"It looks like Johnny Manziel is comfortable coming here and playing with the wages that have been established with us in the Alliance," Johnston said.

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