Santa Clara County Examines Harassment Allegations at Levi’s Stadium Vaccination Site – NBC Bay Area

Santa Clara County has confirmed at least one case of suspected harassment at the Levi’s Stadium COVID vaccination site.

A whistleblower, however, claims to have seen a Levi’s Stadium security guard and someone from its customer service department act inappropriately.

Stadium management has provided NBC Bay Area with a statement saying they take everyone’s safety very seriously.

Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara County is considered the largest vaccination site in California. Governor Gavin Newsom cut the ribbon for Levi’s Stadium’s final mission on February 9, bringing in hundreds of nurses from out of state to create a site capable of immunizing up to 15,000 people per day.

But now someone working inside the stadium said it was not a safe area for some of those helping with the effort.

“Stalking and harassment,” said the witness.

The whistleblower wants to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals. The person claims to have seen a Levi’s security guard harass and track down an employee at the mass vaccination site.

The whistleblower also said a second customer services employee was accused of harassing a nurse, including sending her private messages on social media.

“I have seen nurses being nervous, upset, angry, anxious,” said the whistleblower.

What bothers the whistleblower more is that he claims nothing was done after the victims complained to their superiors.

“When you work indoors and you see the reported individual returning to work, or working in the same position or in the same field that you are working in, it is very disturbing and very alarming,” the whistleblower said. .

NBC Bay Area made several attempts, but could not reach any of the alleged victims. The Levi’s Stadium operations team made the following statement when asked about the charges:

“We do not comment on matters relating to individual staff. We take occupational safety and security very seriously and follow standard HR best practices whenever complaints are raised. ”

Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez said the county could confirm at least one case of suspected harassment at the Levi’s Stadium vaccination site.

“Anytime someone feels harassed and mistreated, or if they’re scared, they absolutely have to report it because it’s our job to make sure we follow through,” Chavez said. “And we go.”

Santa Clara County also made the following statement on Monday afternoon:

“We understand that the Levi’s administration has investigated these complaints and has taken appropriate action. The county is also reviewing these investigations.”

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