See the electric Rivian R1T pick-up truck in a new video


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A video of the electric pickup in Colorado.

The Rivian R1T electric pickup had been on display for a long time in Aspen, Colorado. We've been presenting the R1T in image and video form since it was in Aspen, but now we have a new video of the electric truck.

This video is remarkable in that it presents the R1T in a very close format. We see many interesting features of the electric truck, including its under-cab storage space.

In addition, we look closely at the loading door, its operation and the loading ports.

Then, as the video takes us to the back of the R1T electric truck, we see snowboards on a nice rear rack.

There are also interior views of the R1T. Inside, you will have a very brief glimpse of these stylish seats that we presented here not long ago.

And could you watch this massive frunk. It's covered, secure storage for you.

Look closely at the Rivian in the video above.

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Pictures of Rivan R1T

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