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Selma Blair expresses herself on Multiple Sclerosis – Variety

Selma Blair spoke about her fight against multiple sclerosis after announcing her diagnosis last October.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the star of "Legally Blonde" said she's been facing a host of strange diseases for nearly five years, before undergoing an MRI last summer and discovering autoimmune disease.

"I'm hardly a person in Hollywood," she said. "But when I read on Instagram the comments of people who were suffering, whether MS or whatever, I thought," Saint, you have to be honest about being disabled. " by someone's recognizable. "

Blair told "Good Morning America" ​​that prior to her diagnosis, she had begun to feel intense pain and fatigue since her son's birth in 2011. The fatigue was often overwhelming, did not it? she says, remembering times when she would drive a mile to drop her son to school and then stop and take a nap before heading home.

"I was in a flare and I did not know, and I gave it everything to look normal," said Blair. "And I cared for myself when he was not with me. I was drinking. I had pain. I did not always drink, but there were times when I could not take it. "

Previously, she had called another actor, Michael J. Fox, diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1991, because she had become so desperate that she thought she might be suffering from the same illness. However, things changed once she was diagnosed.

"I had tears. They did not panic, "Blair said of when she was diagnosed. "It was tears to know that I now had to give in to a body in loss of control, which brought some relief."

Now, Blair is proud of his diagnosis. Last Sunday, she attended the Vanity Fair Oscars night with a dazzling cane – she told Vanity Fair that they should always "be out of place and look cool" – and she promises to continue playing despite his handicap.

Several friends and family members also expressed their support for Blair, including co-star and long-time friend of "Cruel Intentions," Sarah Michelle Gellar.

"It's quiet, because I think she now knows she can not do everything, and it's really OK, some days, if she can not," Gellar told Vanity Fair. "It's wonderful to see her being more serene, more content and almost more in control of herself in a strange way."

The matriarch of Kardashian, Kris Jenner, described by Blair in "The People v. O. J. Simpson: FX's History of American Crime, also closely follows Blair's struggles.

"She really shares something so vulnerable and so scary," Jenner said. "She showed me what is courage and how to be brave. I've changed a little my way of living my life because of her. "

Looking ahead, Blair remains optimistic and begins monthly intravenous drug therapy at about the same time as the interview with Vanity Fair.

"I am very optimistic. I think she will be a different person in a year, "said Dr. Saud Sadiq. "I have patients with MS surgeons, actors, airline pilots, sports personalities, successful lawyers – they do not want anyone to know about their illness because they think it could hurt their career. His decision to speak has also raised awareness and increased funding for disease research when people can see an affected person the way they are. "

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