Senate Run in Mississippi: Live Election Results in Today's Special Round Election Round Two between Cindy Hyde-Smith and Mike Epsy – Live Updates

The asset factor

President Trump supported Senate Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith in anticipation of two meetings Monday, one in Tupelo, Mississippi, and another 300 miles south in Biloxi. in Mississippi.

In Tupelo, Mr. Trump defined Espy as "far left".

"The far left opponent of Cindy," he called Espy. "He's very left, Oh, he's out, how does he fit into Mississippi, I mean, how does he fit in?"

Espy answered Mr. Trump's question about his place in Mississippi politics after voting Tuesday.

"I was the first black congressman [in Mississippi] Espy said, "Since the beginning of the American Civil War, Mike Espy was the Secretary of Agriculture – the first Mississippian to hold this position, the first Black of the country to hold this position." Espy also said that he had inherited the legacy of his grandfather, who founded a hospital in the state.

Last week, Trump called Hyde-Smith "spectacular woman" and "great senator". He also defended her for the "public hanging" remark, stating, "She made a statement that I know she's very bad about it, and it was said jokingly, as she l & # 39; And she's a terrific woman, and it's a shame she has to go through that. "

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