Seven takeaways from Syracuse Basketball's 69-49 win over Louisville


The Orange Syracuse won an equally important win at home Wednesday night against the Louisville Cardinals. The victory over the Cardinals gives Syracuse its third quadrant, a win of the year at a time when the Orange really needed a big win. The top three VAC teams still occupy an important place in the calendar.

Louisville as important as any other victory

Duke's victory for Syracuse is undoubtedly the most important of the season, but given the potential asterisk of the omission of Tre Jones and Cam Reddish, the Orange had to really get stronger with one or two more wins quality.

The Ohio State win will still be in Quadrant 1, but the Buckeyes have slipped recently.

This victory was huge for the NCAA tournament in Syracuse, as a defeat against Louisville would have certainly required a victory against Duke, UNC or Virginia. It is a daunting challenge to steal even one of these games.


Zone 2-3 came back strong, leaving only 25.9% of Louisville shooting ground and 21.4% deep. The cardinals also made 13 turnovers that Syracuse scored 16 points.

The most impressive for Syracuse? Louisville only scored 14 field goals all night, which was shocking to note that only eight baskets of cards for the Cards went into the three-point line.

NCAA Basketball: Louisville to Syracuse

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Three big bounces

Last game against NC State, the only players in Syracuse to score double-digit were Frank Howard and Marek Dolezaj. Tonight, Tyus Battle's three big players, Elijah Hughes and Oshae Brissett, bounced back to score 11, 18 and 16 points respectively.

Battle or Hughes did not shoot well every day, but Brissett seemed dominant in the spurts. He shot two shots from start to finish.

Frank madness?

After a 21-point exit against NC State, Howard failed to score against Louisville. He took just one shot in 11 minutes of play. Apart from a bad turnover early in the second period, he did nothing. terrible. While some might have been too reactionary to suggest that the Orange ran 10-0 without him, Syracuse will need Howard in this last attempt.

Divine ' Dolezaj

Marek Dolezaj is absolutely allergic to standing on two feet. He spends more time on the floor than a mop. Dolezaj has once again played junk to earn extra goods that were not in the goals table, but he was pretty good at that too.

The second year from Slovakia recorded 6 points, 9 rebounds and an assist. He shot a charge in the last moments of the game.

NCAA Basketball: Louisville to Syracuse

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It's your boyfriend, buddy

Buddy Boeheim gave the Syracuse offensive an extra boost this season thanks to his ability to extend it. Boehiem scored 14 points out of four in 3. He had 4 rebounds, 1 assists, 1 steal and 1 block as well. A solid game all around Buddy.

Braswell cameo

Robert Braswell continues to impress in his limited action. While the time has come, the frosh scored on a shot just inside the painting. Braswell played a surprising game against NC State for seven minutes and won three flights in that game. Syracuse could have something in Braswell in the years to come.


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