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Published on February 15, 2019 | by Kyle Field

February 15, 2019 by Kyle Field

Shell is launching more and more into energy storage with the acquisition of 100% German energy storage solutions provider and storage solutions Sonnen.

The acquisition builds on Shell's investment in the company last year through its Shell Ventures business and demonstrates that Royal Dutch Shell envisions an energy future independent of its current portfolio of oil and gas products. By acquiring one of the leading providers of energy storage solutions, Shell has a platform allowing it to explore the potential of fixed energy storage and, more importantly, , to move to the forefront of intelligent energy storage products.

The sonnen ecoLinx product line, unveiled at the end of last year, brought a revolutionary new integration to the entire house. The energy storage facility allowed homeowners to control not only the energy that went into their homes, but their revolutionary integration with Eaton's smart circuit breakers also allowed for granular control of every circuit in the home.

Shell's acquisition of Sonnen opens up a much larger piggy bank that could allow it to adapt this technology to new regions and markets.

"Shell New Energies is the ideal partner to help us grow in a growing market," said Christoph Ostermann, CEO and co-founder of Sonnen. "With this investment, we are excited to help more households become independent take advantage of new opportunities in the energy market. Shell will help advance Sonnen's growth and accelerate the transformation of the energy system. "

For two CleanTechnica interviews with Ostermann, see: "sonnen – the utility of the future?" And "solar energy leadership of sonnen" for the text summaries or watch the videos below.

Global leadership of energy storage of sonnen

This video discusses Sonnen's global leadership in energy storage. Sonnen won the Zayed Future Energy Award in 2017. This interview with Christoph Ostermann, co-founder and CEO of Sonnen, was filmed at the Zayed Future Energy Awards in 2018.

Posted by CleanTechnica on Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The real secret sauce with sonnen is its ability to innovate beyond the material. Building a smart energy storage device is neat and remarkable, but Sonnen has demonstrated its ability to innovate beyond the box and has shaken the fundamentals of the industry with its groundbreaking innovations in storage storage. Neighborhood energy and storage throughout the home, including intelligent automation technology.

For example, when the system detects a storm, it automatically charges the battery at full capacity, giving the owner as much power as possible in the event of a power failure. In the event of a power outage, the system then automatically reduces power consumption on the non-essential circuits of the house to maximize the value of energy stored for the homeowner.

Sonnen's intelligence is the real differentiator: only Tesla is in comparable competition with its state-of-the-art energy storage solutions. This innovation has pushed sonnen to expand beyond home by consolidating its network of energy storage products into a virtual powerhouse enabling it to move from home storage to the purchase and sale of network services. to large multinational network managers.

After its initial investment in the company last year, Shell clearly understood that renewable energies were crushed and that Sonnen's revolutionary solutions had the potential of tomorrow's flexible and dynamic electricity grid.

Shell recently exploded by investing in renewable wind energy through direct investments in offshore wind farms, joining the World Wind Energy Council and partnering with the company's start-up company. Makani wind industry. He has also made a leap in the field of electric vehicle charging with the acquisition of Greenlots and the giant European charging network NewMotion EV.

The writing shows that the world is about to be disastrous because of catastrophic climate change, and Shell is preparing to talk not only about abandoning fossil fuels, but of his leadership.

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