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The Jan Bhavn Yatra was to reach Rajgarh using Singhala, Kukshi, Bagh and Tanda … There was no obstacle to the Minister's trolley, so the administration and the energy department were busy raising the power cables. Nobody noticed in this calamity that the electrical wire broke down … and there is a current in the broken wire … People were very happy at the public celebrations … and invited the tragedy of the open cable … the one who was scared was the same … Just 20 steps from the Shivraj ceremony, a little girl played and played … and her breath stopped …
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Today, at the moment we live, no one knows who will come before us in the moment. Yes … if we can do something, then so much that we can certainly ask ourselves what are the steps of the moment. But what is the prerogative of the time to come, we can only know when we keep our eyes and ears open. And CRIME TAK will help you with that. By warning you of all the minor news of the world of crime. So that you stay safe.

Today, we live in a time when we know what will happen in the immediate future? In such a scenario, we can stay conscious at every moment. We will keep our eyes and ears open. CRIME TAK is here to help and assist you in this regard, by informing you of all incidents / stories related to crime, so you can be safe.

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