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Things to do: World AIDS Day events | Houston Press

It's an uncomfortable subject, but we can not ignore it. World AIDS Day is December 1st. Although it's a thorny subject, it's not a game we can play with. HIV / AIDS is something we need to pay attention and attention to, particularly as it is a non-discriminatory offender who will attack people irrespective of racial or ethnic origin. , sex, religion or any other type.

In other words, none of us is safe, so listen well, because the game will play us unless we start learning how to handle the rules. .

Statistics show that one in four people do not know they are infected with the virus – and even more alarmingly – one million people will die of HIV this year because they do not know they are HIV-positive. or they are not receiving treatment. This figure comes from the World Health Organization, which is one of the many organizations that help inform, prevent and provide services to people affected by HIV.

Despite the numbers, the theme of the 2018 observation is "Saving Lives Through Leadership and Partnerships," and Houston has already taken the lead in the cause. If you have not planned World AIDS Day, the multitude of Houston-based services has you covered at these many events. Take a look below and see which one fits your desires:

1. AIDS Foundation Houston Luncheon – Friday, November 30

Even though December 1 is considered World AIDS Day, Houston is moving from one day to the next and is hosting the lunch on Friday, November 30 at the Bayou Place Ballroom, 500 Texas. Nothing says "prepared" only to be a day earlier. Registration is at 11:30 and lunch starts at noon. Chaired by Jacob Sudhoff and Jerry Hooker, tickets start at $ 100 and the guest speaker is none other than actor Tituss Burgess – made famous by Kimmy Schmidt unbreakable.

Lauren Brooke of the AIDS Foundation Houston recognizes the need to increase awareness and testing based on the numbers she encounters each day.

"World AIDS Day allows us to remember those we have lost and where we have been, but also to recognize the work that has been done to help us avoid HIV transmission. ranks 11th worldwide for new HIV transmission, with 26% of people diagnosed with AIDS, "she says.

We are Houston Strong, and a race to scratch looks like a challenge we are ready to face, even if it means we have to hire recruits.

"We know we can not change these numbers alone. We need the preventive and stabilizing services provided by AIDS Foundation Houston as well as the comprehensive community care provided by Avenue 360 ​​Health & Wellness. That's why both agencies will once again benefit from this event. Together, we are standardizing HIV prevention and treatment, and we are working to change these statistics and make Houston the first city to reach zero. "

It's a noble and wonderful goal, but we support it. Count on us

2. Teamwork Brings Dreams to Life: 360 Avenue HIV Prevention Program – Saturday, December 1st
As she mentioned, Brooke is not the only one thinking. It really takes a village to tackle the big, bold goal of overcoming HIV / AIDS. This is where Avenue 360 ​​Health & Wellness intervenes. The organization will hold its second annual 3rd block community block celebration from noon to 4 pm. at 3260 Truxillo. The entrance is free and the pleasure is guaranteed. Health screenings are also part of the mix, as well as games and entertainment. Introduce yourself and present yourself for this promising event.

3 World AIDS Week at the University of Houston
Why choose just one day where you can have a whole week? Already underway, World AIDS Week takes place every year at the University of Manitoba on the sidelines of World AIDS Day. Designed to honor people living with HIV and to commemorate those who have died, the week includes lectures and focus groups focused on AIDS awareness, advocating for the stigma of HIV / AIDS, a resource fair, and a screening of "I am life" by the TRUTH project. The UH LGBTQ Resource Center will also offer HIV testing on campus, available throughout the year.

4 Heritage Community Health World AIDS Day Observatory – December 1st
Join Remembrance Day at Legacy's Montrose Headquarters. There will be a brief program with speakers followed by a candlelight vigil. The hours of HIV testing have been extended to 17:30 and knowledge is power, so take advantage of it.

5 Celebrating World AIDS Day 2018 at Rothko Chapel – December 1st
If you are more in the mood for solitude, the Rothko Chapel could be the solution. In partnership with the oH Project: Oral Histories of HIV / AIDS in Houston, Harris County and Southeast Texas, the organization will host a morning celebration with live music, personal testimonials, and guided reflection. It will also provide space for reflection and healing for those directly affected by the virus.

A little more, for good measure – PWA Holiday Charities and Thomas Street Health Center:

Although December 1st is designated World AIDS Day, it is a year-round fight and there are many ways to get involved throughout the calendar year. One of the major organizations we have not mentioned yet is the PWA Holiday charity, which is made up of several public servants dedicated to helping people affected by HIV / AIDS.

PWA Holiday Charities is a 501 (c) (3) tax-free, non-profit organization made up of a small group of dedicated volunteers who firmly believe in the needs and compassion of all people living with HIV. HIV / AIDS and affected by it. The organization, entirely funded by donations, distributes all of its money to improve the situation of people living with and affected by HIV / AIDS during the holidays.

The Thomas Street Health Center is another organization that deserves to be mentioned. The Harris Health Center's Thomas Street Health Center is an HIV / AIDS treatment center that provides medical care, psychological and social services to HIV-positive patients. Baylor College of Medicine and UTHealth physicians provide primary and specialty care services.

As the saying goes, we all want to leave the world a little better than when we entered it. During the holiday season and with World AIDS Day on the brink, we could simply find a way to give back. Find the one that speaks to you (there is really no wrong choice in the mix) and make this world a little more welcoming and warm.

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