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Smash Pro becomes viral with the first victory of a major event with an unlikely fighter

Jeffrey 'Ax' Williamson, player of Super Smash Bros, was totally shocked by the influx of thousands of new subscribers on his Twitch channel, having won his first major tournament victory.

Although Smash Bros is perhaps not the most lucrative sport in competition, its fanbase and raging support allows players to always have a home.

Support for this scene was fully operational on June 16th when Ax won his first tournament victory at Smash Summit 8, while a large number of viewers packed his Twitch channel to subscribe to him for the first time. celebrate.

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Ax is one of Smash's most popular pros despite the fact that he has not had the success of other players.

The popular Pro Smash had nearly won its first tournament before Summit 8, but was late with a second place finish at Genesis 6: Melee and Get on My Level 2019 earlier in the year.

Nevertheless, he made a dazzling race at Summit, beating legendary names such as Mango and Leffen, before facing WizzRobe in the grand finale.

Despite the probabilities that are allotted to him – mainly because he uses Pikachu in the place of other more powerful characters -, the Tempo Storm star has won the WizzRobe victory by dropping him off the stage to get a count of 3-1 after resetting its support.

However, it was not just his tournament success that he had to smile at night, as his Twitch chain immediately began to explode with subscriptions and follow ups.

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As he celebrated his victory, the Storm Tempo player was sitting in front of his viewers, visibly overwhelmed by the excitement of winning his first major victory. As he broke down in tears and sat down silently, a small box was showing a delusional crowd for him – singing Pikachu's name several times.

Less than an hour after its completion, the popular pro Smash had accumulated a few thousand new subscribers from the Twitch community.

Even though Ax finally managed to get rid of his monkey and move from second to tournament champion, he had no success in the doubles tournament.

He and his partner Masaya 'aMSa' Chikamoto finished tied for fifth and sixth place, but this result clearly did not spoil the extremely successful weekend for Ax.

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