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Writers for "Saturday Night Live" did not miss the rumors that host Idris Elba could be the next James Bond.

"Luther" and the star of "Turn Up Charlie", Elba presented the episode on March 9th of NBC's comedy sketch show and participated in "Can I Play That?", A New Skit game show in which three actors answered the following questions: or not, they could assume certain roles now that "a mistake [on Twitter]… will kill you. "

In the finals, the three competitors, played by Elba, Cecily Strong and Beck Bennett, were supposed to say they could play the role of James Bond. Elba immediately called saying that he knew the answer to this question.

"But you, then?" Thompson replied.

The rumor that Elba could play the role of internationally known spy has been circulating for years but was recently reinstated in the planet after he and former Bond Daniel Craig took their picture at the Golden Globes . It has become viral, sparking dozens of new titles speculating on the future of this franchise.

In the sketch, the joke was after the closing of the Elbe by Kenan Thompson, the host, for claiming that he could play the role of a blind ("God took the view and now, you want to take their job? "), Sammy Davis Jr. He was Jewish"), "an extra in a security ad for the ADT house" ("These must all be white now ") and an alien from the outer space (" Do you really want to be the guy who has green face?) and being threatened to wear his face on a Michael Jackson poster that the show had simulated as "Haunting Neverland".

Look "Can I play this?" Below:

"Saturday Night Live" airs from coast to coast on Saturdays at 11:30 pm ET / 8:30 pm PT on NBC.

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