Sony develops a new type of game cartridge

according to Techtastique, the patent filed in South Korea alludes to an "electronic game cartridge". No other details are given, but the design suggests a connection at the bottom of the device that could be used to communicate with a console. This would certainly be consistent with the comments of John Kodera's video game division in which he stated: "Rather than separating handheld games from consoles, it is necessary to continue thinking about [portable gaming] as a method to offer more gaming experiences ".

It is possible that the patent is linked to a future PlayStation console. Or it might not be worth anything. As Techtastique It should be noted that Sony filed a patent in 2017 for a device that looked a lot like the Nintendo Switch, but nothing more came out of that – so all patents do not become products. Nevertheless, it is clear that Sony is working on something – something that will eventually become remains to be seen.

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