now integrates with Maschine 2 and I'm in the producers paradise


Native Instruments has recently updated its Maschine software to include full integration with accounts. I spent a few hours playing it and I've never been so inspired to launch new musical projects. is one of the largest collections of royalty-free, royalty-free samples and sounds in the world. It is a true cornucopia for producers: over a million high quality sounds can be used to create music in all genres. But until now, you had to download individual samples to a folder on your computer, and then import them manually into Maschine.

Now, with the update, you are no longer forced to sift. Simply connect to, search for the sounds you want, add them to a "collection", and select the option to download the collection to your Native Instruments software. It's simple:

I can spend hours scroll through samples on – it's like the modern equivalent of digging into vinyl cases. Sometimes I just look for sounds that I like without an agenda. If it happens to find loops or samples that I feel, I can now add them to specific "collections" (mostly folders), and then download them directly into Maschine where they m? will wait next time. Otherwise, if I'm working on a project and I do not find a specific sound that I like in my local library of add-ons and downloaded sounds, I can browse to find out what I've need, then send it directly to my DAW.

In practice, it works pretty well. My workflow is for the Native Instruments MIDI Controllers' Maschine Mikro and Komplete Kontrol A25. I prefer to use the sound browser on my hardware because I like the tactile feel of "composing" my sounds. With the 2.8 update, once I have sent my collections to Maschine, I can browse my local samples and those downloaded in the same way. It's magic.

It takes a few seconds for downloads to complete, but you do not need to refresh, upload, or download make No matter what for integration to work. I dig that. The less I have to dedicate all my brain to pick up the sounds of the Internet for my musical project, the better.'s library and Native Instruments software and hardware is a difficult ecosystem to create for music creation. Everything in the portfolio of the Berlin company goes perfectly like Lego bricks.

The Maschine 2.8 Update is free and can be downloaded through Native Instruments Native Access Software Manager.

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Posted on February 26, 2019 – 19:41 UTC


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