Study says new parents will not sleep well for at least six years


LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Finally, science proves what parents have been feeling since the beginning of time: having a newborn completely ruins your sleep cycle.

German researchers interviewed 2,541 mothers and 2,118 fathers between 2008 and 2015 and found that parents did not have a restful sleep until their child had reached the age of six. years.

The study found that most new mothers reported having lost at least an hour or more of sleep per night until their newborn was at least three months old.

The study also revealed that the first reason parents do not enjoy a good night's sleep is that their children are not either.

According to pediatric sleep experts from the IU Health Riley Hospital of Indianapolis, nearly half of children have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep even long after the age of 6 years. , suggest rewarding your child with sleep passes.

She says to give your child three to five plastic passes, each representing an authorized exit from the bed. When your child wakes up the next morning, reward him for each pass that he still has, such that a pass equals a candy or a treat.

If it takes your child 45 minutes to fall asleep and that's a pattern that has been going on for over three months, Honaker says it's time to see a doctor for the health of your child. child and your mental health.

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