SUN THUNDERSTORM: The Earth must be shaved by particles after opening the hole on the sun | Science | New


Researchers have noticed a "loosely organized hole" on the upper layer of the Sun's atmosphere, called the crown, allowing a particle flow to escape into space. Holes like this are common, and researchers say that we are currently at the heart of the proliferation of solar particles that will affect the Earth from May 21st to May 23rd. The Space Weather cosmic prediction site said: "The solar wind will flow from one into the sun's atmosphere to attack the Earth's magnetic field this week.

"This will cause geomagnetic disturbances, but probably not geomagnetic storms, from May 21st to 23rd."

As the Earth is affected by the particles, auroras could occur this week.

The aurora borealis – aurora borealis – and aurora borealis – aurora australis – are caused when solar particles strike the atmosphere.

When the magnetosphere is bombarded by solar winds, beautiful blue lights can appear when this layer of the atmosphere deflects the particles.

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However, researchers have also not noticed that the consequences of a solar storm can be much more serious than those of the north or the south.

Most of the time, the Earth's magnetic field protects humans from damming radiation from sunspots, but solar storms can affect satellite technology.

Solar winds can heat the Earth's outer atmosphere, extend it.

This can affect satellites in orbit, potentially resulting in a lack of GPS navigation, mobile phone signal and satellite TV such as Sky.

In addition, an influx of particles can cause high currents in the magnetosphere, which can result in higher than normal electrical voltage, resulting in transformer blowouts and power plants as well as a loss of power.

Higher radiation levels also make people vulnerable to cancer.

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